Association of Oil Palm Growers of Guatemala –GREPALMA– was established in 2008 to bring together small, medium and large farmers committed to the country and to responsible production of oil palm cultivation.

GREPALMA aims to represent oil palm growers with a sense of social and environmental responsibility. We promote sustainable oil palm cultivation as a viable option to take development to the communities neighboring the plantations and hence, to bring development to Guatemala.

Our commitment as an association is to continue promoting sustainable palm farming through three fundamental pillars: economic, social and environmental sustainability.
Our mission GREPALMA promotes the cultivation of oil palm and ensures the sustainable growth of the activity for the development of its members, communities and Guatemala.
Our vision To become the national benchmark for associations, setting an international standard through the productivity and competitiveness that oil palm cultivation provides in compliance with standards and good practices that promote the consumption of palm oil in the country.
Strategic axes

What do we do?

We focus our work on five central themes: representation, defense of the sector, technical advice, technical training and generation of local capacities to be at the forefront on key issues for the sector. It is thus that we promote sustainable palm farming through four strategic pillars: