// of material handed to participants – Grepalma

Badge lanyards (one company)
US$1,650.00 or Q13,200.00
  • Company logo on lanyard to hold participant badges.
Briefcases (available for three companies)
US$3,000.00 or Q24,000.00
  • Company logo in one color on welcome briefcase to be handed to each participant.
  • The company may include a flyer, information leaflet and/or a promotional item no larger than the welcome briefcase that will be delivered to each participant upon arrival the first day of the event. The printed material must be no larger than letter size.
Ball pen in welcome briefcase (one company)
US $750.00 or Q6,000.00
  • Color logo on a ballpoint pen that will be given to each participant.
Page: US$650.00 or Q5,200.00
  • Full color ad on inner pages of the 6.5” x 8” notebook which will be handed to each C//PAL III
Requirements to include brand in material
to be handed to participants:
Sponsorship by your brand for badge lanyards, briefcase and ballpoint will be firm upon receipt of payment. The latest date to confirm sponsorship of materials to be handed to participants by your brand is Friday, August 9, 2019. The reservation will remain valid for one week, so please ensure payment is made within 8 days from the date of your reservation as a sponsor.

A company sponsoring lanyards, briefcases or ball pens must send the logo in JPG, PNG or Illustrator high resolution format by Friday, August 16, 2019 at the latest.
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