The Palm Grower Association of Guatemala –GREPALMA– was established in 2008 as a nonprofit organization to bring together small, medium and large oil palm growers in Guatemala; we share the vision of sustainable palm culture as a feasible option to create opportunities and contribute to the development of the nation.

OUR VISION is to represent the palm growing sector of Guatemala and to add value to its operations and promote continuous improvement, thus ensuring that the sector remains a national and international benchmark in sustainable palm oil production, while promoting efficiency throughout the productive chain and by purposely promoting the development of Guatemala.


GREPALMA is a strategic partner of palm growers. Our fundamental purpose is to provide support to our members and together face the multiple challenges and opportunities brought by the context and the market, to seek EXCELLENCE, SUSTAINABILITY AND COMPETITIVENESS.
And we address these work pillars through 4 operation areas:
  1. Capacity-building
  2. Strategic partnership promotion
  3. Sector-wide program and project implementation
  4. Sector-wide information and statistics production
United for the sustainable development of oil palm
Benefits to our members